Our payroll bureau team can relieve your burden of having to operate a payroll system.

You simply let us know the basic information such as hours worked, overtime, bonuses etc. and we prepare your payroll records including, payslips, payroll summaries and other reports. We remind you about your PAYE and NIC payments and deal with SSP, SMP, student loans etc. You can provide us with your payroll details by fax or email and so your location is no barrier to using this service.

We complete all of your year end forms and deal with all of the RTI submissions.

Please use our fee calculator below to view our charges or give Kelly Cummings a call on 01531 631500 to discuss your requirements.

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Fixed charge for payroll run £30.00
Number of payslips produced
Number of starters processed
Number of leavers processed
Notifications from HMRC processed (tax code etc)
£ (ex. VAT)

Optional services required by some clients:

Other services (fee agreed with client, please ask for quote):