Why choose us for your Corporate Tax advice… 

Sara Crowther

Our Tax Director, Sara Crowther, is an experienced tax professional having worked in Corporate Tax since qualifying as a Chartered Accountant over 12 years ago.  Sara is also a qualified Corporate Tax Adviser and is regularly asked to present seminars to other professional advisers.

Sara prides herself on a personal approach to give her clients a quality service that is tailored to their needs.

What services we offer…

    • Capital Allowance Claims on property – see blog
    • EIS and SEIS compliance and raising capital – see blog
    • Corporate and Group Restructuring – see blog
Susan Pudge

Our value for money promise…

Our charge out rates for Corporate Tax work are very competitive compared with many of our competitors and fees can be agreed in three ways:

  • For R&D Tax Claims we can work on a contingent fee basis that is a percentage of the ultimate tax saving;
  • For some projects we can offer a fixed price fee, when the amount of work can be addressed with confidence;
  • For other work we will agree a rate per hour but will always estimate the likely time needed up front and keep this guide under review.

Delays at HMRC when making an R&D claim…

When we make R&D tax claims for our clients, HMRC publish a progress report on how long they are taking to process the R&D claims.

The latest report we have was generated on 30 September 2019 copied here:

  • By the end of 30 September we expect all R&D tax credit and RDEC claims received up to and including 2 September will have been processed unless we have concerns about the claim and intend to ask for further information.
  • As of Monday 30 September, the current date for claims subject to a security check are those received 3 September 2019.

For further information, please contact…

Sara Crowther or her qualified assistant Susan Pudge at our Cheltenham office 01242 309001.

Email: tax@crowther.co.uk

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