What services we offer…

Our personal tax service includes preparing the draft tax return for approval, submitting the return electronically to HMRC and advising clients of tax payments as they become due.

All of our Directors and Managers deal with the preparation of Tax Returns for their clients.  We also have a very experienced team that can deal with Capital Gains Tax issues and advice.

Why choose us for personal Tax Returns… 

Crowthers team can take the worry out of dealing with all aspects of personal tax and we offer clear fixed fee arrangements as shown below.

Our value for money promise…

All clients are offered a fixed fee which is based on a ‘standard’ tax return and for the tax year ending 5 April 2021, is as follows:

  • Individual (Including Company Director): £330 inc VAT
  • Husband and Wife prepared at the same time: £492 inc VAT
  • Sole Trader or Partner if we prepare accounts: £222 inc VAT
Lucinda our Tax and Trust Specialist

A “standard” tax return is assumed to be one with 5 or fewer interest figures, 5 or fewer dividends and no more than 3 employments or pensions.  A consolidated Brokers Tax Certificate only counts as one entry for each different source of income on the consolidated tax voucher.

All existing fixed fee clients will be treated individually and will receive a specific fixed fee quote based on their circumstances.  The figures quoted in our 5th April letters will be for a “standard” return that excludes any CGT and IHT.

A fixed fee is only available for personal tax work if paid by direct debit (or cheque) in July each year.


If you are thinking about selling a UK residential property you may be required to file a ‘UK land return’ within 30 days of the completion date and pay an estimate of the CGT 30 days from the completion date. This is treated as a “payment on account” against your total income tax and CGT liability for that year when your annual tax return is submitted.  If you are selling a residential property please speak to us as soon as possible so any necessary planning can take place ahead of completion.

Please contact us to discuss the preparation of your tax return or UK land return …

In the first instance, please contact:

Charlotte Clarke – Worcestershire

Kelly Cummings – Herefordshire

Lucinda Davenport – Gloucestershire

Email:  tax@crowther.co.uk